Why quality content is key

Recently I went online to buy a speaker for my living room. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted, but still had some questions and went on to research spending some time looking at different types and designs of speakers. Then life happened, the phone rang, I left it at that and did not think more about it.

Until I went on Facebook and my feed was filled with speakers. All available ad space was taken by companies trying to push their product to me. Now I know from experience that even after actually buying an item online the retargeting ads will follow you for some time until you might research something else and then that will take up space and fill up your feed with ads and enticements to buy this or that product.

These ads are usually photos of products and links to sales sites, and they are not what’s going to make up my mind and choose your product over somebody else’s. These ads are superfluous. What’s more is that people are clever and get used to them and simply overlook the ads when using facebook and other sites that are heavy on retargeting. And then it’s really just a waste of money.

I’m not saying that retargeting will never work, I am, however, saying that you can do better.

Imagine a would be customer googling speakers and finding, instead of online shops and retargeting ads from you and other retailers, an article about the quality of speakers and movement of sound, or a blog post on adjusting treble and bass levels to perfection, or information about what speakers to get for which type of musical appreciation. An experience similar to the one you get in an actual store when you walk up to the sales person and ask about speakers.

Your customer now knows what to look for, he knows how to figure out which of your products is the right choice for him, because you gave him the tools to make an informed choice. And even if he ends up buying another brand of speaker you will still be the one who taught him and gave him information for free. The customer will feel gratified more so than getting the ever tiresome feeling of being pushed and shoved toward buying your product.

Customer loyalty is a scarce resource these days which is exactly why you should just tell people what you know for free. When someone is going to spend money buying something they do research, and if your company is always in the search giving out information people will get to know you, they could start trusting you and eventually might even rely on you to broaden whatever horizon it may be.

So many people out there are selling the same products and fighting for the same customers, and the winner is not the one with the most retargeting ads, it is not even the one with the best price, it is the one who gives the customer the best experience. Imagine if that were you.

The effort of writing up articles and blog posts on your products will not be difficult. You already know your products, you know why they are superior to other products and you can easily tell the customer what your product can do for them. But you can also tell the customer what every type of this specific product can do for them whether it’s the feel of a bass line in their chest, the crispiest clean clothes from a washing machine, or the coffee with the smoothest aroma from just that one type of bean that’ll bring joy to tastebuds everywhere even if the coffee maker is not yours but from a competing company.

The point is you show everyone that your knowledge is on point and that you are the best resource for information and that great allround experience.

In the end I went for the Marshall Kilburn and am enjoying my loud music while ignoring all the ads that are still there.